Retirement 2022

Retired in 2021
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A-02 Little Chick with Kerchief
A-06 Spooked Pumpkins
A-07 Standing Bunny
A-09 Birdbath
A-10 Birdhouse
A-12 Lamp Post
A-22 Luck o' the Lady…bug!
A-33 The Old Stone Wall
A-37 Spring Bunny & Robin
A-38 Witchy's Hip Hat & Broom
A-41 Beach Ball
A-42 Beach Sign
A-49 Main St. Sign Post
A-52 Cute Little Bunnies
A-53 Easter on the Half Shell
B-29 Skelebunny
B-30 Sweet Crème
M-019m Baby Sitter Mini
M-022m Miss Pell Mini
M-040m Miss Bobbin Mini
M-041m Fisher Mouse Mini
M-062a Mommy's Little Ghost
M-071m Arty Mouse Mini
M-110m Traveling Mouse Mini
M-171m Zelda Mini
M-180m April Showers Mini
M-189 Little Mice Who Lived in Shoe
M-201 Midnight Snack
M-222mThe Graduates Mini
M-224m Party Girl Mini
M-304a Tingle Belle
M-304b Jingle Belle
M-305 Special Delivery
M-324 Night Flight
M-328 Flapper Franny
M-331 Young Love
M-341 A Treat for Santa
M-341a My Polka-Dotted Parasol
M-355 Kitty Cuddle
M-377 Dragon Dress-Up
M-393 Gnome Statue
M-411 Romeo & Juliet
M-414 Bee Fancy
M-420 Poppa Caroler
M-439 Fancy Footwear
M-442 Li’l Glowbug
M-470 Nurse Goodheart
M-485 Skitterish
M-491 Happy Lobster Treater!
M-492 Sweet Starfish Treater
M-497 Come Along-It's Christmas!
M-524 Easter Morning Surprise
M-527 Little Couch Potato
M-529 Napoleon & Josephine
M-532 Curious Crow
M-533 Drawn Together
M-545 Chris-Mouse Tree…Lee
M-548 Penguin…Parker
M-555 Precious Peanut
M-603 Little Drummer Boy
M-610 One More?!
M-617 Plumpkin
M-621 Sweet Pea
M-624 Butterfly Love
M-633 Fiddler's Green
M-635 Soda Sippers
M-656 Christmas Cracker!
M-657B The Santa & Rudy Show (boy)
M-662 Cheerful Cheddar!
M-664 Christmas Seed Feast
M-669 Cracking Up!
M-674 The Collector's Curio
M-675 Speedy Snail
M-681a Christmas Pop Up (girl)
M-681b Christmas Pop Up (boy)
MS-15 Batter-up!
MS-20 Slapshot!
MS-21 Go Long!
MS-30 Puttering Around
MS-31 Free Throw
NM-1 Nibble Mouse
NM-1a Christmas Nibble Mouse
NM-1b Spring Nibble Mouse
NM-2 Nibble Mouse - double
NM-5 Elegant Mr. Nibble
NM-5a Elegant Mr. Nibble - Spring
NM-6 Mr. Nibble Comes a 'Calling
SA-2 Sing-along Angel
TM-3 Li'l Jack O'Lantern
TM-5 Wee Bunny's Basket


Retired in 2020
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M-235 Shelley
M-277 Yummy!
M-282b Her Music Lesson
M-283 Farm Boy
M-376 Special Arrival
M-400 Halloween Knight
M-412a Her Creature Comforts
M-412b His Creature Comforts
M-423 The Elegant Hostess
M-453a Christmas Box Car
M-544 Candy Cane…Chris
M-547 Nutcracker…Noel
M-551 A Tiny Prayer
M-552 Momma Caroler
M-568 Baby Bunny’s Onesie
M-569 Perk Up!
M-577 Beach Babe
M-583 Little Witch with Lantern
M-602 Santa’s Little Deer
M-604 Lovin’ the Oven!
M-611 Game Night!
M-612 Little Sampler
M-625 Close Knit Couple
M-627 Ringing in Christmas!
M-628 Ole St. Nick
M-629a Holly Express Ornament
M-630 Pulling Together
M-646 Wicked Windy!
M-650 Kiddie Cone
M-659 Homemade Christmas
M-661 Making Merry!
M-678 Crow’s Nest
NM-4 Barn Door Backdrop
NM-4a Christmas Barn Backdrop
SA-1 Lullaby Angel
SA-4 Dearest Angel
SA-5 Schoolhouse Angel
B-18 Bountiful Bunny
B-19 Mrs Harvest Bunny
B-20 Mr Harvest Bunny
B-21 Baby Bunny’s First Christmas
B-22 Bunny Barrage!
B-23 Johnny Apple Bunny
B-24 Finishing Touches
B-25 Helpful Hare
B-26 Bundle Up Bunny
B-31a Come to Bunny! (girl)
B-31b Come to Bunny (boy)


Retired in 2019


A-28 Wee Pumpkins Three
A-31 Christmas Play Stage
A-39 Speedy Chick A-40 Oopsy Bunny! M-185 The Old Black Stove
M-277 Yummy - all except pink, only ice cream colors
M-301 Rub-a-dub Dolly
M-302 Family Gathering
M-314 Sparkey
M-454a Honk for Christmas!
M-454c Honk for Halloween!
M-466 Christmas Cookie Class
M-484 Inflatable Float
M-490 Little Mouse in Scary Bear!
M-502 Honey Bunnies
M-510b Pot Full of Goodies
M-517 Under the Mistletoe
M-538 Gouda Boy
M-541 Tiny Teacup
M-571 To the Mat
M-572 Namaste
M-573 Puppy Pose
M-574a Her Sweet Treat
M-575 Hot Ticket

M-576 Beach Bliss
M-578 My Treat
M-579 Je t'adore!
M-589 Scaredy Monster
M-591 Begging for Treats
M-595a Rainbow Rings
M-595b Rainbow Rings Girl
M-595c Rainbow Rings Boy
M-596 Taking Flight
M-600 Joyful Juggling
M-605 Sealed with a Kiss!
M-606 Awesome Egg!
M-607 Strolling with My Chickies
M-609 Racey Chicks
M-613 Wee Sweet Shop
M-615a Wee Wonder
M-615b Mighty Mousey
M-618 Cat & Mouse Game
M-620 Sunny Bright Rainbow
M-623a Broom to the Moon! - Ornament
M-632 Barrow of Fun!
M-636a To Mom, With Love! (girl)
M-636b To Mom, With Love! (boy)
MS-32 Little Bopper


Retired in 2018


A-18 Bundle of Toys
A-19 Chocolate Easter Bunny
A-26 RWB Fence
A-29 Tombstone Kitty
A-30 Apple Basket
A-32 Christmas Play Easel
A-36 Tiny Easter Basket
M-205 Broom Service
M-314c Spooky Speeder
M-344a L'il Glitter Princess
M-397 Spruce Up
M-433 Mommy's Little Lamb
M-454b Honk for Easter!
M-454e Honk for the USA!
M-454f Honk for Valentine's Day!
M-477a How Sweet It Is!
M-482 May Day Merriment
M-510c Home at Christmas Background
M-530 Halloween on a Hay Bale

M-536 Souper Man
M-539 Popcorn Partier
M-540 I'm a Little Teapot
M-542 Strawberry Sweetie
M-550 Santa's Elf Mouse
M-553 Merry Matchup
M-556 Thanks for My Dolly, Mommy!
M-567 Wee Tweet Trio
M-570s Picnic in the Park
M-574b His Sweet Treat
M-584 Bat on the Fly
M-585 Whoa, She's a Ladybug!
M-586 Treats for Her Highness
M-586a Toothy Twosome
M-587 Sweet & Spicy Twosome
M-588 Time Out for Treats!
M-598a Overstuffed (Girl)
M-598b Over stuffed (Boy)


Retired in 2017  
M-241 Christmas Cupboard
M-299a Prince Charming ...I Presume?
M-323 Kissin' Katie
M-327 First Flight
M-338 Sunflower Dress-Up
M-340 Tippy Top
M-445 Timothy and Belle
M-445a Mary's Little Lamb
M-453b Circus Car
M-453e Caboose
M-462 Hippity Hop
M-480 Coaxing Kitty with Kibble

M-483 Mother's Rosy Posies
M-498 Snuggled in for Christmas
M-510a Cozy Christmas Kitty
M-522 Teddy's Easter Hug
M-523 Cozy Easter Couple
M-525 My Hero
M-526 Tiny Trike
M-528 Sparkle Sisters
M-534 Venomouse
M-535 Tally Ho!
M-566 A Tulip for You!
B-Look Who's in Bunny's Garden


Retired in 2016
A-13 Small Gift with Tree
A-14 Two Gifts with Tree
A-16 Outdoor Winter Tree
A-20a Rustic Fence with Kitty
A-20b Rustic Fence
A-20c Rustic Fence with Mousey
A-21 Just a Little Snowman
CO-8 A Little Christmas House
CO-9 My Little Star
M-274 Easter Eggmobile
M-296 Scotin' with the Loot
M-306 Miss Esther Bunny
M-353 Story Time
M-357 Doggie's Dish
M-383a Cupid's Special Delivery
M-398a Pirate's Treasure
M-399b Rosie Robot
M-453c Cocoa Car
M-453d Marshmallow Car
M-463 Rocking Around the Clock
M-469 Balloon Beanie
M-469a Balloon Best Friend
M-476 Little Missy Valentine
M-479 Easter Bunny Hop
M-480b Wee Mousey's House
M-489 Li'l Medusa
M-503 Petit Papillon
M-504a Easter Basket Bounty (girl)
M-504b Easter Basket Bounty (boy)
M-505a Get Inline (girl)
M-505b Get Inline (boy)
M-506a Fetch! (girl)
M-506b (boy)
M-507 Igor's Pet
M-508 Our Mad Scientist!
M-508b Madness in the Lab!
Retired in 2015  
A-17 Bunny's Wee Chair
M-177 Tea for Three
M-220 Mousey's Bake Sale
M-225 Scary Stories
M-302a Christmas Family Gathering
M-314b Sparkey & Son
M-368 Hop Aboard!
M-371a Teencie
M-398 Candy Corn Trail
M-399a Robbie Robot
M-416 Frankenmouster
M-478 Silly Easter Bonnet
M-486 Last One In!
M-500 North Pole Promenade
M-508a We've done it, Igor!
M-516 Warm & Fuzzy
Retired in 2014  

A-1 Little Chick with Bonnet
A-5 Flower Pot
A-15 Lovebirds
A-8 Bunny Jumping
CO-2 Aerial Elf
CO-3 Cozy Nest
CO-6 Merry Mermouse
CO-10 Tree Top Angel
CO-11 Stocking Stuffer
COS-1 Christmas Ornament Stand
M-278 Little Dipper
M-291a Ironing Dollie's Dress
M-295a The Garden Center
M-332 Egg Hunt
M-346 My Little Yellow Basket
M-351 Helpful Elf
M-354 Striped Tiara
M-356 Jumbo Pillow
M-374 Boo Boo Lamb
M-378 The Raven Red-Eye
M-392 Mrs. Gnome

M-395 Garden Get-a-way
M-403 Dash Away!
M-413 Prowling for Treats
M-418 Is Today the Day?
M-419 Sister Caroler
M-421 Brother Caroler
M-422 Tiny Caroler
M-424 Tip Top Trimmer
M-425 Trim Twirler
M-426 The Lost Mitten
M-438 Jurassic Jamboree
M-446 Tree Trimmer
M-448 Santa Lucia's Little Sister
M-450 Star Boy
M-458 This Way or That Way?
M-460 Garden Party
M-467 Carnival Keepsake
M-473a Her Wish List
M-473b His Wish List
M-477 Valentine Sampler
NM-3 Nibble Mouse - triple
MME-G/S Miss Mouse Earrings

M-148 Tooth Fairy
M-175 Mouse'e Egg Factory
M-191 Christmas Eve
M-202 The Yard Sale
M-239 Scamper
M-256 Jenny's Jams & Jellies
M-263 A Midnight Clear
M-273 Checker Chums
M-275b Crystal's Ice Palace
M-282a His Music Lesson
M-284a Count Spooky
M-293 Catfish Cove
M-307 Miss Liberty
M-313 Hipster
M-319 That's Blarney!
M-334 In the Spotlight
M-345 Little Halloween Bat w/Pumpkins
M-352 Pond Pals
M-358 Bunny Lovie
M-375 Dancing Bear
M-387 Egg Scramble
M-388 The Bunny Pop

M-399 Robbie & Rosie Robots
M-401 And the Winner Is...
M-427 Holiday Arrival
M-432 Beddy-Bye Bunny
M-443 Eric the Reticent
M-444 Pumpkin Party Greeter
M-447 Mystery Gift
M-451 The Star Trimmer
PM-5 Raindrops
A-4 Flag
B-17 Easter Bunny
MS-16 Camping Out
MS-24a Heavyweight
MS-24b Lightweight
MS-29 Birdie
NC-1 Nutcracker
NC-2 Clara
NC-3 Fritz
NC-4 Sugar Plum Fairy
NC-5 Mouse King 

M-270a Pedal Pusher Girl
M-270c Pedal Pusher Boy
M-312 Giddyup
M-339 Sister's Ghostly Trick
M-347a Her New Lunch Box
M-347b His New Lunch Box
M-368a Snail Watch
M-377a Dragon Fantasy
M-384 Sweet Treats
M-389 Big Egg, Little Basket
M-398b Pirate's Parrot Pal
M-406 Wee Leprechaun
M-408 Tippy Basket
M-409 Mabel, Mabel...
M-417 The Candy Caper
M-434 Red Rocket
MS-25 Walkmouse
CO-4 Heavenly Harmony
Chess Board
CS-1 King
CS-2 Queen
CS-3 Bishop
CS-4 Knight
CS-5 Castle
CS-6 Pawn
M-155 Littlest Witch and Skeleton
M-182 Miss Daisy
M-187 Adam's Apples
M-216 Little Pirate Kid
M-244 Possum's Pizza Party
M-252 Bedazzled
M-257 Molly's Choice
M-264 Mall Mom
M-286 Knittin' Pretty
M-290 Clippity-Clop
M-371b Eencie
M-371c Weencie
M-372 Mommy's Little Trickster
M-385 Will He or Won't He?
M-386 Somebody Loves Me
M-415 Whooo goes there?
MS-26 Winnie
MS-27 Winston
MU-1 Rabbit Dancer à la Degas
MU-5 Can-Can
B-16s Peek at the Cookie Tree
CO-5 Shoe Inn
CO-7 Hooting Star Tree Topper
FB-1 Woodchuck
FB-4 Raccoon
FB-5 Flower Mouse
Retired in 2010
B-15 Easter's Hare
M-234 Sun Snoozer
M-329 Two for One
M-343 Starlighters
M-360 Jack
M-361 Jacob
M-362 Jethro
M-363 Jim
M-364 Jonas
M-365 Johnny
M-381 Doll Party
MS-26a Tennis Champs! w/Mini WInnie
MS-26b Tennis Champs! w/Winston Jr.
MS-26c Mini Winnie
MS-27a Tennis Champs! w/Mini WInnie
MS-27b Tennis Champs! w/Winston Jr.
MS-27c Winston Jr.
MS-28 Bunny Slope Buddies
MU-2 Mouse w/Sunflowers á la van Gogh
MU-3 Rabbits Dancing á la Renoir
CO-1 Christmas Angel Ornament
Retired in 2009
M-215 Something's Brewing
M-250 Pudding Anyone?
M-284 Two Scared Spooks
M-308 Little Mermouse
M-333 A Sneaky Treat!
M-336 Rough Rider
M-348 To Market
Retired in 2008
M-80a Be Mine
M-80b I'm Yours
M-236 Alone at Last
M-242 Pumpkinmobile
M-262 Lighting the Way
M-270b Mouse Patrol
M-275 Crystal
M-280 "Best in Show"
M-289a Wee Sea Baby 
M-340a Tippy Top-Beach Ball
M-320 Puzzled
M-325 Scared Crow
M-335 Tumbling Tots
MS-23 What a Kicker!
MS-24 Gym Pals
MMO-1 Stand by Your Mole
MMO-2 Do-si-do
PM-6 Forget-Me-Knot
MU-4 The Postman à la van Gogh
MU-7 Cats with Poppies à la Monet
FB-2 Hedgehog
FB-3 Skunk
Retired in 2007 
M-111 Spring Gardener
M-133 Field Mouse
M-165 Haunted Mouse House
M-165a Haunted Mouse House
M-172 Red Riding Hood at Grandmother's House
M-174 The Nutcracker
M-178 Night Prayer
M-179 Sea Sounds
M-203 A Christmas Wish
M-227 Home Sweet Home
M-232 Pickity Pumpkin
M-251 Bunny in a Basket
M-260 Roly Poly
M-265 Holly's Hotline
M-269 Hot Cocoa!
M-272 Lady Bug-a-Boo
M-279 Having a Ball!
M-281 Mallowing Out
M-287 Cool Friends
M-288 Mousie's Matinee
M-289b Wee Sea Twins
M-289c Wee Sea Triplets
M-295 Love in Bloom
M-297 A Wee Folk Song
M-298 Is That All?!
M-299 The Halloween Princess
M-304 Christmas Belles
M-310 Ahoy!
M-311c Christmas Cottage
M-315 Little Cabin Boy
M-322 Whirlie Girl
PM-1 Chums Hangin' Out
PM-2 Waterbugs
MU-6 Squirrel Peasant à la Gauguin
BB-8 Good Tidings!
BB-9 Plum Pudding
BB-10 Nightie Bear
S-1 Isaac Baker
S-2 Barney McGee
S-3 Elijah Rathbone
S-4 Timothy Mayhew
S-5 John Jack
S-6 Edward Haskell
S-7 John Tinkham
S-8 William Abbe
S-9 Asa Page
S-10 Thatcher Packard
S-11 Joking Michael
S-13 The Peapod
S-14 Willie Cooke
Retired in 2006
M-173 Silent Night
M-218 Mousey's Bunny Slippers
M-230 Little Holly Angel
M-268 Country Classroom
M-271 Earl E. Frost
M-303 Christmas Cutie
M-311b Fall Cottage
Retired in 2005
M-95 Mousey Nurse
M-171 Zelda
M-196a One-Mouse Band
M-204 Clementine
M-212 Ice Angel
M-214 Little Boo-Boo
M-237 Patient Lucy
M-246 Sugar & Spice
M-249 Whoo's Inn
M-255 Hattie
M-259 The Wee Family
M-261 Double Delight
M-266 Brushing Up
M-276 No Peeking!
M-292 Just Like Mommy!
M-294 Cooler Kids
M-311a Spring Cottage 
PM-3 Lilypaddle
Retired in 2004
M-60 Mom & Squeaky Clean
M-134 First Date
M-167 Colleen O’Green
M-206 Jack in the Sandbox
M-208 Struggling Artist
M-209 Caught in the Act
M-226 Pumpkin Serenade 
M-233 Loves Me…

M-245 Mousie’s Big Pal
M-248 Pearly Whites 
M-258 Carmen
M-267 Ace
M-274 Easter Eggmobile
M-291 Ironing Dollie’s Doily
PM-4 Just Ducky

Retired in 2003
M-62 Little Ghost
M-82 Easter Bunny-Mouse
M-145b Pageant Holly
M-164 Father Chris-Mouse
M-195b Lady Mousebatten
M-211 Wanderlust
M-229a A Big Hug
M-231 Wreathmaker
M-254 Little Nell
M-259a Mother’s Wee Baby
FS-7 Wayside Chat
MS-17 Benched!
Retired in 2002
BB-1 Don’t Be Shy
M-138 Fun Float
M-142 Chris-Mouse Stocking
M-229b Her Big Hug

M-238 Hoe Joe
M-247 Puppet Play
M-253 Brrr!

Retired in 2001
B-14 Busy Bunny
CC-3 Marley’s Ghost
CC-4 Ghost of Christmas Past
CC-5 Ghost of Christmas Present
CC-6 Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come 
FS-4 Mountain Stream

M-181 Little Squirt
M-243 Woody Woodmouse
MO-2 Mole Bell Ringer
MO-6 Candlelight Search
MS-9 Skier Mouse II

Retired in 2000
M-80 Sweetheart
M-101 Mousey’s Tricycle
M-140 Just Checking!
M-188 Snow Buddies
M-193 Welcome Chick!
M-207 High Flyer
M-217 Early Riser
M-221 String of Heart

M-228 Ring Around Rosie
MS-19 Surf’s Up!
FS-6 Picnic on the Riverbank
S-12 Ishmael White 
T-11 Hansel and Gretel Bears at the Witch’s House
MO-4a Mole’s First Snow!

Retired in 1999
M-70 Me and Raggedy Ann
M-166 Chris-Mouse Slipper
M-196 One-Mouse Band
M-210 Heavenly Slumber
M-213 Settin’ a Spell
M-219 Spotted Sea Horse
MS-11 Two In A Canoe
MS-18 Victor!
MO-3 Mole’s New Sled
MO-4b Mole’s Belly Whopper
MO-5 Jackie O. Mole
F-7 Flirty Frog
F-8 Freddie Frog
Retired in 1998
M-115 Mom and Ginger Baker
M-123 Under The Chris-Mouse Tree
M-124 Tree Alone
M-125 Quilting Bea

M-183 Peek-a-boo!
B-13 Windy Day!
FS-2 Hearts & Flowers

Retired in 1997
M-83 Happy Birthday!
M-87 Holly Mouse
M-94 Cupid Mouse
M-99 Birthday Girl
M-107b Running Doe and Little Dear
M-128 Strolling With Baby

M-184 Mrs. Mousey’s Studio
M-197 Chief Mouse-asoit
M-198 Pilgrim’s Welcome
M-199 We Gather Together
BB-4 Good Pickins’
FS-5 Love Letter

Retired in 1996
M-152 Scooter Mouse
M-159 Forty Winks
M-161 Commencement Day
M-162 Prima Ballerina
M-168 Stars & Stripes

M-176 Grammy-Phone
M-192 First Kiss!
M-195a Lord Mousebatten
CC-7 Fezziwigs
FS-3 Mousie Comes A’Calling

Retired in 1995
M-107a Chief Geronimouse
M-120 Witchy Boo!
M-126 Attic Treasure
M-163 Elf Tales
M-186 High on the Hog
M-190 Peter Pumpkin Eater
M-195 Lord & Lady Mousebatten
FS-1 Woodland Serenade
Retired in 1994
M-100 Mousey’s Cone
M-132 Sunday Drivers
M-154 Bat Mouse
M-158 Aloha!
C-1a Cinderella’s Slipper
C-2 The Ugly Stepsisters
C-3 The Mean Stepmother
C-4 The Flower Girls
C-5 Cinderella’s Wedding
C-6 Flower Girl
C-7 The Fairy Godmother
RH-1 Robin Hood
RH-2 Maid Marion
RH-3 Friar Tuck
Retired in 1993
M-65 Mousey Express
M-66 Babysitter
M-67 Wedding Mice
M-76 Beach Mousey
M-130 Mouse Talk
M-135 Waltzing Matilda
M-136a Tuckered Out!
M-150 Market Mouse
M-156 Littlest Witch
M-157 Skeleton Mousey
M-160 Mousey’s Easter Basket
M-169a Greta
M-169b Hans
M-170 Polly’s Parasol
Retired in 1992
M-118 Peter’s Pumpkin
M-119 Prudence Piemaker
M-137 First Haircut
M-169 Hans & Greta
MS-14 Fishin’ Chip
Retired in 1991
M-71 Arty Mouse
M-131 Come Play!
M-136 Sweet Dreams

M-151 The Red Wagon
B-12 Tiny Easter Bunny

Retired in 1990
M-103 Rocking Tot
M-147 Choir Mouse
M-149 Don’t Cry
BK-1 Tom & Eon
Retired 1989
M-153a Trumpeter
M-153b Drummer
M-153c Tuba Player
T-2 Sailor Teddy
T-3 Boo Bear
T-4 Drummer Bear
T-5 Santa Bear

T-6 Ride’em Teddy
T-7 Seaside Teddy
T-8 Huggy Bear
T-9 Wedding Bears
T-10 Christmas Teddy
T-12 Momma Bear

Retired 1988 
C-1 Cinderella’s Slipper
M-58 Graduate Mouse
M-139 Mouse on Campus
M-141 Come & Get It!
MS-13 Tennis Anyone?
LTD-4 Uncle Sammy
Retired 1987
M-86 Lamplight Carolers
M-92 Christmas Morning
M-110 Traveling Mouse
M-127 Family Portrait
M-143 Down The Chimney
MS-12 Land Ho!
LTD-3 Statue in the Park
Retired 1986
M-88 Littlest Angel
M-89 Poorest Angel
M-93 First Christmas
M-109 Campfire Mouse
M-129 Piggy-Back Mousey
T-1 Little Teddy
Retired 1985
M-43 Santa Mouse
M-59 Pearl Knit Mouse
M-75 Mousey’s Teddy
M-84 Snowmouse & Friend
M-85 Little Sledders
M-90 Merry Chris-Miss
M-91 Merry Chris-Mouse

M-102 Mousey’s Doll House
M-112 First Day of School
M-113 Tidy Mouse
M-114 Pen Pal Mousey
M-121 Pageant Wisemen
M-122 Pageant Shepherds
LTD-2 Helping Hand

Retired 1984
M-30 Mouse Pianist
M-31 Mouse Violinist
M-46 Miss Polly Mouse
M-68 Office Mousey
M-73 Miss Teach & Pupil
M-74 Tea For Two
M-77 Little Fire Chief
M-78 Moon Mouse
M-98 Clown Mouse

M-104 Harvest Mouse w/ seeds
M-104 Harvest Mouse w/ apple
M-105 Wash Day
M-106 Pack Mouse
M-108 Rope’em Mousey
M-116 Santa’s Trainee
MS-10 Golfer Mouse
LTD-1 Postmouster

Retired 1983
M-44 Witch Mouse
M-52 Mother’s Helper
M-53 Flower Girl
M-72 Say “Cheese!”
M-96 Get Well Soon!
M-97 Mouse Call
MS-8 Skater Mouse

MS-9 Skier Mouse I
TT-1 Tiny Teddy
WW-1 Mole
WW-2 Badger
WW-3 Toad
WW-4 Ratty

Retired 1982
B-9 Batter Bunny
B-10 Wedding Bunnies
BR-1 Blueberry Bears
BR-2 Girl Blueberry Bear
BR-3 Boy Blueberry Bear
FT-1 Little Red Riding Hood Mouse & Wolf
FT-2 Little Red Riding Hood Mouse
M-29 Mouse Duet

M-32 Chris-Miss
M-33 Chris-Mouse
M-34 Mousey Baby
M-54 Nurse Mousey
M-57 Barrister Mouse
M-79 Sweethearts
M-81 Boy Sweetheart
No Number - Screech Owl

Retired 1981
F-3 Frog Friends
F-5 Grampa Frog
M-19 Baby Sitter
M-25 Cowboy Mouse
M-26 Chief Nip-a-Way Mouse
M-37 Gardener Mouse
M-39 Mouse Artiste
M-41 Fisher Mouse
M-42 Commo-Dormouse
M-48 Photographer Mouse
M-49 Carpenter Mouse
M-50 Mrs. Tidy and Helper
M-51 Mrs. Tidy
M-55 Doc Mouse & Patient

M-63 The Carolers
M-64 Lone Caroler
O-1 Mr. and Mrs. Owl
O-2 Mrs. Owl
O-3 Mr. Owl
P-2 Piggy Baker
P-4 Picnic Piggies
P-5 Girl Picnic Pig
P-6 Boy Picnic Pig
P-9 Pig O’ My Heart
P-10 Nurse Piggy
P-11 Holly Hog
RC-3 Bird Watcher Raccoon

Retired 1980
B-11 Professor Rabbit
BR-5 Traveling Bear
BS-1 Tennis Bunny
BV-1 Beaver Wood Cutter
FX-3 Barrister Fox
M-2a Miss Mouse w/ Straw Hat
M-3 Miss Nursey Mouse
M-12 May Belle

M-45 Miss Teach
MS-7 Golfer Mouse
O-6 Graduate Owl
R-2 “Doc” Rat
RC-1 Mother Raccoon
RC-2 Hiker Raccoon
RCS-1 Raccoon Skater
RCS-2 Raccoon Skier

Retired 1979
B-1 Double Bunnies
B-2 Housekeeping Bunnies
BR-4 Big Lady Bear
FX-1 Fancy Fox/Miss Society Fox
FX-2 Dandy Fox
M-2b Miss Mouse with Bow Hat
M-5 Farmer Mouse
M-10 Fan Mouse
M-13 June Belle
M-18 Big Mama Mouse/Mama Mouse w/Baby
M-20 Bridge Club Mouse
M-21 Bridge Club Mouse
M-28 Town Crier Mouse
M-38 Mouse Ballerina
MO-1 Mole Scout
O-5 “Grad” Owl
P-1 Miss Piggy School Marm
P-3 Jolly Tar Piggy
TM-1 King “Tut” Mouse
TM-2 Queen "Tut" Mouse
B-3 Sir Rabbit
B-4 The Professor Rabbit
F-4 Spring Peepers
F-6 Singing Frog
M-7 Two Mice with Candle
M-8 Two Tiny Mice
M-11 Tea Mouse
M-14 Nightie-Mouse
M-15a Mrs. Mousey with Hat
M-23 Picnic Mice
M-27 Pirate Mouse
MS-2 Skater Mouse
MS-3 Mouse Skier
MS-6 Skating Star Mouse
TS-1 Turtle Jogger
Retired 1978
B-5 Sunday Bunny
B-6 Broom Bunny
M-1 Miss Mouse
M-1a Market Mouse
M-2 Miss Mousey
M-6a Wood Sprite

M-6b Wood Sprite
M-6c Wood Sprite
M-9 Bride Mouse
M-15 Mrs. Mousey
MS-4 Tennis Star

Retired 1977
B-7 Muff Bunny
B-8 Market Bunny
D-1 Miss Ducky
F-1 Prince Charming
F-2 Frog on a Rock
H-1 Miss Hippo
H-2 Baby Hippo
H-3 Miss and Baby Hippo
M-4 Good Knight
M-16 Mouse with Muff
M-17 Shawl Mouse
MM-1 Mouse with Fife
MM-1a Mouse with Fife

MM-2 Mouse Wearing Black Hat
MM-3 Mouse Carrying Large Drum
MM-4 Concordian with Spectacles
MM-4a Concordian
MM-4b Concordian
MM-5 Little Fifer
MM-5a Little Fifer
MM-5b Little Fifer
MS-1 Bobsled Three
O-4 Colonial Owls
R-1 Seedy Rat
SQ-1 Squirrel Nutsy